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Cozy Chronos: Fall Coziness

Cozy Chronos: Fall Coziness

This was a painting I did after seeing November’s Ko-fi theme, “Fall Coziness.” I saw it on the last day of the month, but I loved the theme so much that it inspired me to try and draw something before the close of the month. I managed to start and finish this painting of Chronos cozying up to a warm mug of hot chocolate, and to my surprise it was one of the winners of the theme challenge! It was very fun seeing everyone’s submissions, and makes me want to participate again!

Kobold Commission Process

Kobold Commission for a private client.

Blog post for a kobold commission I wanted to post the process of!

Continue to the full post to see the initial thumbnail ideas & work-in-progress variations.

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Realistically-Proportioned Anthro Paintings

Private Commission

Similar to the kobold post, I wanted to make a post showing a few of the realistically-proportioned anthro commissions I’ve made over the years! It’s fun to see them all at once like this.

The above painting is still one of my favorites to this day! I’d love to do more paintings in this style in the future.

Private Commission

Click here to see both variants for this painting! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission

Click here for all variants of Ravyn’s commission! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission

Click here to view all 4 variants of Keon’s commissioned character! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission with a LoL-theme
Private Commission in a League of Legends-style theme!
Private Commission

Pokemon Illustration for Keon – Detailed Crop

I really enjoyed painting this commission for Keon, and wanted to also post a detail crop here on the blog!

See below for the detail crop:

Thanks again for commissioning me Keon!

Kobold Paintings

Varrik the Kobold (Private Commission)

I thought it might be fun to make a blog post with a few of my favorite kobold commissions I’ve painted over the years!

Rozlis the Kobold (Private Commission)
Private Kobold Commission
Tobias the Raccoon (Private Commission)

This one is not technically a kobold, but I believe he is from within the same Pathfinder/DnD universe! I always thought the painting style was similar to the above kobold paintings, as well. :)

Kip the Kobold (Private Commission)

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