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Kobold Paintings

Varrik the Kobold (Private Commission)

I thought it might be fun to make a blog post with a few of my favorite kobold commissions I’ve painted over the years!

Rozlis the Kobold (Private Commission)
Private Kobold Commission
Tobias the Raccoon (Private Commission)

This one is not technically a kobold, but I believe he is from within the same Pathfinder/DnD universe! I always thought the painting style was similar to the above kobold paintings, as well. :)

Kip the Kobold (Private Commission)

For all my kobold paintings, visit my Kobold gallery here!

Kemono eldrige

Playing around with a “kemono”-style design for eldrige! I’m experimenting with the color palette. I also tried out having a “fire” theme over parts of his features for fun, as an homage to eldrige’s original iteration as a Braixen Pokemon!

Here’s how the art looks without some of the shading and effects.

And here is the line sketch at an earlier stage. This is at 100% zoom!

Late-night sketching

Finished the WIP sketch from a few days ago!

This was a fun style experiment.

Placing the original WIP crop under the cut in the full post!

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Updated Commission Info!

I’ve refreshed my commission info! Renamed the different types to be more descriptive, and also added a new kemono type: “Airbrush.” I wasn’t quite certain what to name this commission type – it might change in the future, but I’m going with “Airbrush” for now!

I also finally added the “Realistically-Proportioned” anthro style as an official commission type! Long-overdue, but these are some of my favorite commissions to work on. I hope you might like them too!

All info has been updated on my commission page (here), and I’ll also include the info below in this post.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

Art of “eldrige the Braixen”

I thought a fun first blog post might be a compilation of some of the “eldrige the Braixen” artworks over the years! This one above was an animated gif experiment from earlier this year. It was animated using Photoshop’s “timeline” feature. It works pretty well for simple animations, and is not too complicated to start using.

This is the most recent full painting I’ve made of eldrige.

Here is eldrige fantasizing about owning a Switch Lite around when it was first announced!

This is a WIP of a more feral-looking eldrige.

I was having fun here with painting eldrige as a more swol-looking anthro Braixen, both for amusement and for torso practice.

This was the first attempt of “swol eldrige,” haha!

This was a fun commission for a convention in Germany called “The Furry Connection.” I was given free artistic range within the Christmas theme, which made it a lot of fun for me!

This is the first Braixen I ever painted, around the time when the Fennekin line was first being introduced. While he lacks some of the features that I eventually added to “eldrige the Braixen,” mainly the turquoise scarf and eyes, in my mind I consider this the first version of him!