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Early Access: AliciaWhimsi Commission Process

Early Access Post! If you’re viewing this, it’s either because you’re a patron with early access, or because the post is now public.

The finished painting.

Blog post for the process behind a commission for @ AliciaWhimsi on Twitter!

Initial Sketches.

Initial Sketches

Several rough sketches to give the client a variety of ideas to choose & iterate upon.

Second round of sketches.

Second round of Sketches

Revising the sketches according to client feedback.

In-progress crop of Whimsicott.

In-Progress Crop

Painting Whimsicott before painting the Halloween-themed witch outfit!

The finished painting once more.

The final painting

And here is the final painting once again!

Kobold Commission Process

Kobold Commission for a private client.

Blog post for a kobold commission I wanted to post the process of!

Continue to the full post to see the initial thumbnail ideas & work-in-progress variations.

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Realistically-Proportioned Anthro Paintings

Private Commission

Similar to the kobold post, I wanted to make a post showing a few of the realistically-proportioned anthro commissions I’ve made over the years! It’s fun to see them all at once like this.

The above painting is still one of my favorites to this day! I’d love to do more paintings in this style in the future.

Private Commission

Click here to see both variants for this painting! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission

Click here for all variants of Ravyn’s commission! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission

Click here to view all 4 variants of Keon’s commissioned character! (Link coming soon!)

Private Commission with a LoL-theme
Private Commission in a League of Legends-style theme!
Private Commission

Commission for Lurio’s Zeraora OC: All Variants

Zeraora without motion blur & without glasses.

Blog post of a commission for @LuriosTragedy on Twitter showing all 4 variants for Lurios artwork!

Zeraora without motion blur & with glasses.
Zeraora with motion blur & without glasses.

This one above and below add a slight motion blur effect. I remember at the time of finishing these paintings, I slightly preferred the motion blur versions. Looking at it again today, I think I now I prefer the versions without motion blur.

Zeraora with motion blur & with glasses.

Above is the motion blur version with the glasses. :)

Thanks again to @LuriosTragedy on Twitter for commissioning me!

Pokemon Illustration for Keon – Detailed Crop

I really enjoyed painting this commission for Keon, and wanted to also post a detail crop here on the blog!

See below for the detail crop:

Thanks again for commissioning me Keon!