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Info will be kept updated. I have the right to alter my commission information and terms of service; any alterations will not affect client agreements to previous terms.

Instructions & Process Info

If interested in a commission, please contact me with the following info.
Alternatively, you also may fill out this form instead: Commission Interest Form.

* All refs (images) and/or written descriptions:
* Commission type (Detailed Character Painting or Normal Pokemon Style):
(Optional) Pose/expression/mood (you can also leave it up to me):
(Optional) Background description if you’d like a specific one:
(Optional) Link to a style from my gallery you’d like me to paint in:

Feel free to add any additional information you’d like me to know about your character(s)!

  • I’ll reply to your message with an exact quote. If you confirm the quote works for you, I will book you a slot and let you know an estimated start date. I will send you a note with payment info when it is your turn.
  • Payment can be made 1/2 at the start and 1/2 at the finish, or all up front. Smaller commissions (under $100) are due in full up front, as they are finished quickly. I start working when I receive the first payment.
  • I will send a color sketch for you to approve and/or ask for edits before I begin the painting process. I can send additional WIP’s after that at your request. You may ask for minor edits at each WIP stage.
  • Most commissions are finished in under a week from the time of first payment, unless they are more complex than usual (ie: multiple characters, detailed background). These commissions are usually finished within 2 weeks.

Commission Types

I) Type 1: Detailed Character Paintings
Tightly rendered, full body paintings in a stylized, “kemono” style

  • Starts at 400 USD for above styles
  • Additional characters are +75% the base price per character

II) Type 2: “Hybrid-style” Paintings
Mid-level detail. Clean edges. Stylized-proportioned OC’s or Pokemon.

  • Base rate of 200 USD for above styles
  • Additional characters are +75% the base price per character

III) Type 3: Realistically-Proportioned Style
Tightly rendered, full body paintings in a realistically proportioned anthro style

  • Base rate of 350 USD for bust-up cropping; rates upon request for half- and full-body art.
  • Additional characters are +75% the base price per character

IV) Special Type: Pokemon Paintings
Can choose painterly or smooth style (see Pokemon examples above)

  • Detailed Pokemon Paintings: Discounted base rate of 300 USD (same style & rate as Type 1 Paintings)
  • Painterly or Airbrush Style: 100 USD base price per Pokemon
    • Main differences from Type 2 style is more simplified props & lighting
  • Special attacks/effects and Pokemon OC designs are usually included, but may be extra depending on how detailed they are

Add a background to either type

  • Simple BG is included (grass, sky, solid colored BG)
  • Complex BG base rate: 250 USD (field, forest, ocean, waterfall, river, architecture / involving perspective). May be higher or lower depending on complexity.

Additional Info & Terms

Payment is through Paypal. All prices are in USD.

    • I may post the artwork on my art accounts, such as FA, DA, Tumblr, etc. mentioning it was for you.
    • Commissioners are allowed to repost to their gallery with credit.
    • All commissions stated above are private/personal commissions; only paying for artist labor. I retain full rights to my artwork (including preliminary sketches).
    • Full rights include the right to use, publish, repost, and alter the artwork, as well as selling prints, creating merchandise, or compiling anthologies/books.
    • Clients are not permitted to resell the artwork unless a contract is made and agreed upon. For commercial projects, please contact & ask me privately.
    • High-resolution jpg and web-sized jpg will be sent to you by default.
    • Other formats are available upon request (ie: png)
    • Clients are not permitted to mint an NFT of their commission in any way, shape, or form (including any derivative links which include the commissioned artwork, such as but not limited to posts of the commissioned artwork on social media).
    • Clients are not permitted to submit any commissioned art to AI learning platforms (including process/in-progress images). If you post on DeviantArt, it must be with the “noai” option selected to “opt-out” (in the “general” settings of your account).

If you have a question, or are interested in something not listed above, feel free to ask!