Kobold Commission Process

Kobold Commission for a private client.

Blog post for a kobold commission I wanted to post the process of!

Continue to the full post to see the initial thumbnail ideas & work-in-progress variations.

Initial sketches to develop a pose idea & composition.

Three sketch variations to see which one the client liked best! For this commission, I started with silhouette pose thumbnails.

In-progress: Light Scales Variation

For this one, the client was still deciding on the type of scales they wanted for their character. I sent two variations of lighter scales (above) and darker sales (below), and asked which they wanted to use for their character.

In-progress: Dark Scales Variation

I like parts of how both look – I’m glad the commissioner decided, because I think I would have hard a hard time choosing which I liked best!

The finished kobold commission again!

After the idea is settled upon & approved by the client, the refinement & clean-up stage begins until everything is finished! Here’s the finished piece again above.

Thank you again to the commissioner!

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